What Should I Do If My Benefits Were Terminated?
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Workers’ Comp Benefits Terminated?

Workers’ compensation benefits may be terminated or denied for a variety of reasons. A doctor may believe the injury has healed. The insurance company may question whether the benefits are necessary.

If you have recently received a notice of a change in benefits, contact an attorney at Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C., for immediate help. Our firm has handled terminated and denied benefits claims for people in Phoenix, Tucson and throughout Arizona for more than 40 years. Let us help you too.

Seek Legal Representation Immediately!

Don’t Delay! You only have 90 days from the notice of terminated benefits to appeal the decision. When faced with this difficult situation, our law firm is prepared to take your case. We will file the necessary paperwork, as well as gather medical documents, witness testimony and any other evidence that confirms your condition. You can rely on us to prepare a strong and effective case on your behalf.

Our attorneys have decades of experience filing appeals and negotiating for reinstatement of benefits. They are specialists in workers’ compensation law, certified by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

Free Initial Consultations With An Experienced Attorney

At Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C., we are prepared to protect your rights and fight for the medical benefits you need. Email us, or call us at 602-635-6561 to learn how we can help get your benefits reinstated. Your first consultation is always free, and we do not charge attorney’s fees unless you receive benefits.

Don’t Wait! Call Now!

Insurance companies have attorneys fighting for their interests. Shouldn’t you have one too? Contact a lawyer at the law firm of Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C.