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Workers’ Comp Benefits For Repetitive Stress Injuries

Not every workplace injury begins with a bang. Many injuries that employees endure start with small injuries that, as time passes, worsen and become disabling. These gradual injuries, also called repetitive stress injuries, can form the basis for successful workers’ compensation claims.

Because these claims happen over a longer period of time, however, employers and insurers may seek opportunities to deny or reduce claims. At Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients navigate the complex system of workers’ compensation claims in Arizona. We do not charge attorney’s fees unless you receive benefits.

How We Can Help

We provide knowledgeable representation and personalized attention to workers with a wide range of repetitive stress and gradual injuries, including:

Our law firm will work with your doctors and medical providers to determine the extent of your injury or disability. We will help you document that the injury is consistent with your job activities such as repeated motions, bending, twisting and reaching, and typing.

We can provide you with guidance and what types of benefit are available to you, depending on whether you have a long-term injury or simply need time to heal so that you can return to work.

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Our law firm includes two attorneys who focus on workers’ compensation claims. We are certified specialists in workers’ compensation by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, an achievement gained only by select lawyers who demonstrate experience in and knowledge of workers’ compensation.

Call us at 602-635-6561, or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation. We handle workers’ compensation claims mainly on a contingency fee basis, and we have offices available in Phoenix and Tucson.