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Workers' compensation for injuries outside the workplace

Being injured on the job can have many life-altering effects for Arizona residents. All of a sudden, an employee may no longer be able to perform his or her daily duties. He or she may also be required to have a prolonged stay in a hospital, and may have to repeatedly return to a healthcare center for follow-up visits. These visits can result in hefty medical expenses and victims may be left wondering how they will be able to cover these many costs. Thankfully, workers' compensation is often an option available to injured workers.

Protecting the rights of Arizona workers

A workplace accident can happen out of nowhere. An Arizona resident may be going about his or her normal routine, completing the daily tasks that are required, when all of a sudden an accident occurs. While the accident may only take a second to happen, the results can be long lasting. A worker may require years of medical care and lost wages in order to recover. These years of recovery can have a hefty financial toll, and victims may not know where to turn.

Workers' compensation claims versus civil lawsuits

Arizona residents are likely aware of the fact that work environments can be dangerous. Even with the many Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) regulations and safety requirements that employers are expected to abide by, work environments still often contain many hazards and dangers. Sometimes, the danger of a work environment inevitably results in an injury. Such a workplace accident can have devastating results. When a worker or a loved one is involved in such an accident, victims and their families have rights.

Exposure to smoking and workers' compensation

There are many ways in which an Arizona resident can become exposed to a safety hazard at work. Some jobs require the handling of toxic materials, while other workplace environments may contain hazardous materials that may be unknown to workers until they fall ill. Sometimes, too, the presence of some type of health risk may worsen a preexisting condition, making it challenging for the victim to identify the cause of their worsening condition. If it can be proven that the presence of a health hazard resulted in medical problems or the worsening of a health condition, victims may be eligible for workers' compensation.

Are workers' compensation and disability benefits different?

When an Arizona resident is injured at work, many questions may arise. Knowing just what to do following a workplace accident can prove challenging. Some may be vaguely aware of the options open to them, but may not know exactly what avenue to pursue. For instance, an injured worker may know about workers' compensation and disability benefits, but may not be aware of the differences between the two.

What are employers' responsibilities for workers' compensation?

Many Arizona residents are familiar with workers' compensation. Just about anyone who has worked in any type of work environment has likely been exposed to the concept. Sometimes an employer notifies an employee directly of what their rights are regarding workers' compensation, sometimes there is a sign outlying their rights. However, many might not decide to learn the ins and outs of workers' compensation until they themselves are injured in a workplace accident. When this happens, they may turn to an attorney to help discover what their rights are.

Types of injuries covered by workers' compensation

Arizona residents may find themselves out of work for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may not qualify one for any type of benefits, while others, such as those that result from a workplace accident, may allow a person to receive workers' compensation benefits. A workplace accident can have life-altering effects. For example, it can lead to an individual becoming dependent on long-term care. Long-term care can prove to be expensive and when a person is unable to work, these bills can break the bank account. Thankfully, workers' compensation can help injured workers cover these costs.

What expenses can workers' compensation cover?

A workplace accident can happen in anywhere. Though some work environments may pose more risk than others, as construction sites and industrial warehouses tend to be more dangerous than, say, office work, all workers might find themselves in a situation where they are suddenly faced with life-altering injuries. In such cases, Arizona residents may find themselves confused, not knowing what options are available to them. Thankfully, there are workers' compensation attorneys available to clear up much of this confusion.

Can my workers' compensation benefits be suspended?

Although workers' compensation benefits in Arizona are designed so as to get injured employees back on their feet as quickly as possible, Phoenix employees need to remember that they also have certain obligations that they must meet in order to continue to receive compensation for their medical bills and their lost income.

What is the 'going and coming rule' in workers' compensation?

One of the basics of workers' compensation law in Arizona is that benefits are for those who are injured at work. While this may seem simple enough to determine in most circumstances, in other cases, it can be hard to know whether an injured employee was actually on the job when he or she got hurt.

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