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What does Arizona workers' compensation cover?

The readers of this blog probably realize that in Arizona, workers' compensation offer certain types of benefits to injured or ill employees when an employee's injury or illness is work-related. With some exceptions, these benefits are afforded employees even when the employee is partially or even completely at fault for the injury.

Workers' compensation and the Industrial Commission of Arizona

When an Arizona worker is hurt while on the job it can be a significant blow to their financial health as well as their physical health. Illness and injury often keep workers out of their jobs and prevent them from earning their paychecks. An injury or illness can make a worker feel physically helpless and unable to support his family all at the same time.

How do I know if I'm covered by workers' compensation?

Arizona employees can have a difficult time learning about the benefits to which they are entitled, such as workers' compensation insurance. You can read about workers' compensation in the Arizona Constitution and the Arizona Revised Statutes. Unfortunately, these documents often contain too much legal jargon to navigate. While the following information is not all inclusive, it does provide a basic understanding of who is covered by workers compensation.

How does the workers' compensation system in Arizona work?

Workers in Arizona who are injured in a workplace accident may choose to pursue workers' compensation benefits. However, the workers' compensation system can seem complex to those who are not familiar with it and simply want to be compensated for the expenses that they suffered in the accident. In these situations, workers in Arizona may simply want to know how the workers' compensation system works. While the following information is not meant to be legal advice, it should provide you with a better understanding of the workers' compensation system in Arizona.

Arizona asks for dismissal of Hotshots fire case

A workers' compensation suit can be a very serious legal matter for an employer. This can range from a small business to the government of Arizona. Different industries have different standards for their employees. If someone gets into a work accident, they may be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. If someone is killed because of negligence from an employer supervisor, a suit may be filed for additional compensation. This is the case in a lawsuit that is currently in court for a wrongful death complaint suit involving the firefighting Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Police groups push for trauma coverage in workers' compensation

Stated generally, Arizona's workers' compensation system is designed to help workers cope with the expenses that come up after they are injured on the job or suffer from occupational diseases. However, stating things generally doesn't always help in workers' compensation issues: Things must be stated very specifically to fit specific categories. The benefits workers may receive come in predetermined amounts according to predetermined categories of injuries and illnesses.

Arizona Highway Patrol officer hurt in collision

An injury on the job, especially one resulting from a serious accident, can put a worker out of commission for a significant amount of time. Workers' compensation helps to provide a safety net for those who are injured while on the job. Some people in Arizona work around large equipment, hazardous materials. Others travel long distances on the road for their jobs. An accident while on the road that results in a concussion, back injury or other ailment can be especially difficult.

Unemployment rate drops in Arizona for November

Having a job is a crucial part of one's financial and emotional life. It provides a living wage to pay for rent and routine expenses, as well as the opportunity to provide for loved ones. If a person is injured at work, though, future earning potential is at risk. Often times, just being careful at work will not prevent an unforeseeable accident that is not a worker's fault. If an Arizonan gets injured on the job, he or she can be compensated in the case of work accidents.

Case of former officer tests limits of workers' compensation laws

Arizonans may remember the controversy in another state involving a clash between campus police and university student protestors participating in the 2011 "Occupy" movement. Several officers were either disciplined or fired after several protestors were sprayed with pepper spray during a protest.

City struggles to hold down workers' compensation benefits

Cities in Arizona have to hire many employees to do the work of local government. Some of these jobs can be particularly risky, such as law enforcement, firefighting or working with the street crew on a roadside project in dangerous traffic.

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