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NJ steam blowout a warning for Arizona industrial companies

A factory accident or other injury at work can put workers in the hospital or expose them to dangerous chemicals. Arizona employers have a responsibility to protect their workers by ensuring workplace safety. This is especially important with industrial companies that work with heavy machinery, dangerous products and high-stress environments. Proper safety can prevent bodily harm, including eye injuries, and keep workers protected.

Investigation continues into Tesla industrial accident

Some industrial jobs carry a level of injury risk. Even with proper safety precautions, accidents occur. This can be especially dangerous in industrial environments where heavy machinery and chemical processes are involved. It's important for Arizona employers to maintain a work environment that complies with U.S. safety regulations. This not only helps to ensure a safe environment, but also decreases the chance of injuries resulting from an industrial accident. Employers who do not comply with basic levels of safety for their employees are acting in a way that could make them liable for damages if their workers are hurt on the job.

Industrial Workers' accident at marshmallow factory

Many Arizonans know about Peeps, a marshmallow candy that is especially popular around Easter. These marshmallows, along with several other popular types of candy, are manufactured at a factory in a state outside of Arizona, and the workers there spend their time preparing this candy for the public's enjoyment.

Industrial worker's accident results in fatality

Those who work in Arizona's many factories and warehouses know that a forklift is a common piece of factory equipment that helps the facility run smoothly and efficiently. However, particularly, when an operator is either careless or not properly trained, forklifts can be the cause of serious factory accidents that may, in some cases, prove fatal.

Two factory explosions kill workers, injure others

A pair of factory explosions that occurred at two factories within a few miles of each other have together left three workers dead and several others recovering from serious injuries.

Factory explosion injures worker in chemical lab

A tech at a chemical laboratory suffered a workplace injury following a factory explosion in another state. While thankfully it appears that this worker's on-the-job injury does not endanger the man's life, it still serves as an important lesson to those in Arizona who manage laboratories in connection with either research or drug manufacturing.

Fatal work accident lesson to Arizona employers

Police recently found a man, who had been reported missing, at his place of employment. He had apparently died because of some sort of factory accident. The plant at which this man works makes castings for automobiles. Details of both the accident and the ensuring search for this man-who was not identified-remain sketchy. It is therefore unclear whether rescuers could have saved the man's life had someone located him earlier.

Recent fatal work accident marks second incident for factory

A worker recently lost his life at a plant in a state bordering Arizona because high-grade cable snapped suddenly, striking him in the head. His co-worker lost his leg in the incident, but his exact condition is not known.

Bumble Bee offers unusual approach to accident

Bumble Bee Foods, located in a state the borders Arizona, made national news recently for a manufacturing accident that took the life of one of their long-time employees. The worker, who was skilled and had worked with that equipment for years, was found dead inside one of the company's commercial pressure cookers at their plant in the nearby state. Foul play has been ruled out, but it's not yet known how the factory accident occurred. A state investigation is underway and could take several months to complete.

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