Winter weather could cause slip-and-fall industrial accident

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Winters in Arizona can pose additional hazards for Phoenix workers in all industries. Even in a warm climate like Arizona, the weather can still turn colder in the lower desert valleys at night. Whenever temperatures drop below freezing point, the risks of slip-and-fall accidents in industrial facilities will be higher than during other seasons. Even without snow, other weather-related hazards can cause a slip-and-fall industrial accident.

Safety authorities suggest precautions that might avoid serious fall injuries. The first rule is not to rush, as running or fast walking allows no reaction time in the event of a slip. Holding onto rails on stairways might help, and taking shorter steps can reduce risks of falling. Extra care is necessary when workers carry heavy items, which can jeopardize their sense of balance.

Outside areas and high-traffic doorways where workers and mobile equipment could carry wetness from outside must be approached with care. Fog, water vapor and dew can freeze and form extra-thin layers of black ice on cold surfaces. These hazardous patches could be almost invisible. Ice patches typically form in shaded areas, and they can look like insignificant wet patches — until someone steps onto it. Such a fall could cause severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries, especially if the worker’s head strikes a hard object.

Any victim of a slip-and-fall industrial accident might have to deal with mounting medical bills and lost work days, which could adversely affect his or her financial stability. Fortunately, an experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney can assist throughout the process of claiming benefits. Workers who suffered injuries that caused permanent disabilities might be eligible for additional benefits.