Workers’ comp essential after construction, roofing accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

Almost without exception, jobs, whether in Arizona or anywhere else in the country, carry some degree of risk. A worker can develop carpal tunnel syndrome from years at a keyboard, for example, or an employee can develop repetitive stress injuries. However, some careers carry a higher risk of injury, such as jobs where factory, electrician or roofing accidents are simply more likely to occur, no matter how safe an employer tries to make the work environment.

For example, in another state, six construction workers were injured when a roof collapsed recently. The vacant three-story row house was under construction when the accident occurred at approximately 10 a.m., burying workers in a fall of cement chunks and metal debris. The men had apparently been working on the second floor of the structure when the sudden collapse resulted in the entire group plummeting all the way to the basement in an avalanche of rubble.

Fire officials believe that the collapse was triggered by the large numbers of cinder blocks that had been placed on the roof. Per records, the building itself had been deemed in disrepair back in 2009 due to water damage, and building inspectors were called in to the site to determine the extent of the structural damage. Thankfully, all six of the workers survived, though two did have to be dug out from the rubble by rescue workers.

In situations similar to this in Arizona, workers injured in electrician or roofing accidents will doubtlessly want to be able to concentrate on their recovery without worrying about lost wages, missed time at work or how they will pay for medical bills. This is when workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies are reluctant to pay out the full amount of benefits that injured workers need and deserve. When this happens, the support and guidance of an experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney often proves invaluable.

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