Arizona workers’ compensation means concentrating on recovery

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

If Arizona workers were constantly worrying over whether they are safe on the job, they’ll likely be unable to concentrate on doing their work effectively and efficiently. This is one of the many reasons why workers’ compensation benefits are so important. Employees need to feel secure that their health and livelihood isn’t a constant concern when they’re doing dangerous jobs, such as road construction.

In another state recently, for instance, a road construction worker was seriously injured. The man suffered life-threatening injuries in the early hours of a recent Thursday morning in the course of performing his job duties. Accident reports indicate that he was thrown from a truck when the vehicle went over a pile of unpaved asphalt.

It appears the 63-year-old worker was riding in the back of the construction vehicle when he was accidentally ejected. He fell to the pavement below, where he struck his head. Both Clearwater Police and Fire & Rescue personnel responded to the scene of the accident. The worker was first taken to a hospital, then subsequently flown to another health center for treatment of the life-threatening injuries he suffered in the on-the-job accident.

Thankfully, in cases like this, workers’ compensation means that an injured employee can concentrate on recovering instead of worrying about lost wages and medical expenses. Sometimes, though, insurance companies are hesitant to pay the full amount of benefits to which injured workers are entitled. In such unfortunate circumstances in Arizona, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help the employee and his or her family to fight for these much-needed benefits.

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