Arizona work injury sometimes occurs in surprising ways

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Whether they like it or not, most Arizona employees spend more time at their jobs than anywhere else. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be once individuals consider the likelihood of a work injury or serious illness and how it might negatively affect them in the long term. While some occupations come with obvious risks, other jobs may put employees’ health in danger in surprising ways.

Truck drivers, for example, have a shockingly high risk of chronic disease; between sleep deprivation and high blood pressure and cholesterol, their rate of risk runs at around 88 percent, compared to only about 50 percent in the general population. On the other end of the spectrum is firefighters, and while the dangers inherent to this career may sound obvious, the risks aren’t necessarily what one might assume. It’s not always the fire or even the smoke that injures, but rather the high stress levels, which can result in cardiac issues and eventual heart attacks and contribute to chronic – or even fatal – health conditions.

Perhaps the most worrying entry on any list of dangerous jobs is that of cubicle workers, if only because it affects such a high number of people in various office environments. Even setting aside the high incidences of sickness due to the easy spread of germs, there’s the sedentary lifestyle that comes along with an office job. This can contribute to future disease and health issues ranging from neck pain to weight gain and everything in between.

While there are various tricks most employees can attempt to make their jobs slightly healthier on a daily basis, there’s only so much most can do. Fortunately for Arizona workers who suffer a work injury or illness, an experienced attorney can help with any and all aspects of obtaining workers’ compensation. From filling out confusing paperwork to fighting for the maximum amount of benefits to which injured employees are entitled, a lawyer’s skill and legal expertise can prove crucial to workers in need.

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