Roofing accidents can prove serious or even fatal

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

When working on Arizona jobsites, there are, unfortunately, any number of ways in which a worker can get injured. Roofing accidents, though, can be one of the most serious. Sadly, in a state east of Arizona, a roofer recently fell to his death at his jobsite.

The man who died was a 56-year-old construction worker who had been working for the company for 29 years. According to reports from co-workers, the man was working close to the ledge on a school roof when he suddenly fell. A school nurse rushed to his side and began performing CPR. Sadly, he later died from his injuries at the hospital.

While the man was wearing a hard hat, he was not wearing a harness. Indeed, there are reports that indicate none of the workers used harnesses on the jobsite. While the family said that they are questioning whether harnesses should have been provided and required by the company, the company itself indicates there were alternative safety measures for employees. An investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is pending.

Unrelated to the outcome of OSHA’s investigation, though, workers’ compensation insurance may help the deceased man’s grieving family members with some of the resulting financial burdens. The loss of loves ones to roofing accidents is not only tragic, but can leave surviving family members in a stressful situation financially, due not only to medical and funeral expenses, but to lost wages as well. While workers’ compensation obviously cannot undo what has already occurred, it can at least help alleviate some of the financial stress. An Arizona attorney can help fight on behalf of the surviving family members for the maximum amount of death benefits to which they are entitled.

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