Work accidents don’t stop the bills from coming

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2016 | Workplace Accidents

You may feel as though your world has stopped after being injured at work. Unfortunately, work accidents do not stop the need for you to pay your bills and otherwise provide for your family. The Arizona workers’ compensation system can help you with your living and medical expenses while you recover from your injuries.

However, the system is not necessarily easy to navigate if you do not understand how it works. Your claim could be denied if even one document is not submitted properly. If that happens, you might be aware that there is an appeals process, but it could be even more of a challenge than filing a claim.

Having an Arizona workers’ compensation attorney on your side could help remove the stress and frustration of the process. The sooner you involve an attorney in the process, the better the chances are that the claim process will go more smoothly for you. Even if you are denied benefits at first, he or she can guide you through the appeals process to get you the benefits you need. When choosing someone to advocate on your behalf, that person should also be compassionate and willing to take the time to hear your story and assess just how your injuries are — and will — impact your life in the present and in the future.

Not all work accidents are alike, and your situation is unique. Far too many workers’ compensation claims adjusters work within certain parameters and could attempt to fit your situation into a box instead of understanding that you are a unique individual whose issues might not fit the “cookie cutter” claim. An attorney can help ensure that all of your issues are addressed as you move through the claims process.