Machinery safety: Safety precautions for aerial lift operation

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Arizona workers in industrial facilities are typically at risk of suffering life-altering injuries. Employers often disregard machinery safety, despite the fact that the lives of employees may be endangered. These hazards include mechanical equipment such as forklifts and other aerial lifts that require trained operators. There are specific safety precautions that operators of aerial lifts must obey to prevent accidents that could cause severe injuries to themselves and other workers in the area.

Before using such a vehicle, the operator must inspect it by checking for leaks and ensuring all controls function as they should. The operator must never access the platform by walking under the boom, and he or she must never operate the lift in areas where the ground is uneven. Nobody must be in the basket or on the platform without being securely harnessed and tied to secure anchor points; the passenger must stand on the floor of the basket or platform, not on the railing.

When using an aerial lift for grinding or welding activities that could present fire hazards, there must be a fire extinguisher on the platform or basket. There must also be a fire spotter at ground level. The person operating the machine must always have a clear view of the direction in which the vehicle is moving, and pedestrian workers must be warned of its approach by using the horn.

Workplace accidents that involve forklifts or aerial lifts can be catastrophic, and may even cause disabilities — or worse. Arizona workers who are suffering the consequences of accidents that resulted from negligent machinery safety protocols (or from any on-the-job accident) may seek financial assistance to cover medical expenses and lost income. They can file benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system. Employees may choose to utilize the services of an experienced workers’ comp attorney to navigate claims for them.

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