Three steps for preventing scaffolding injuries

On Behalf of | May 23, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents

The construction industry in Arizona appears to be in good shape; especially considering how the housing market has rebounded and the commercial construction market is mirroring the success experienced in southern California. With the number of construction projects expected to increase, it is important for contractors and workers alike to observe safety rules regarding scaffolds.

With all the inherent dangers that come with construction sites, it is surprising how easy it is for workers to be injured in falls. Workers should know that a fall from merely six feet above ground could cause serious injuries. Additionally, for every foot higher that a worker is in the air, the greater the chance for that a serious injury may occur.

As such, construction site supervisors must be responsible for the following:

Complete a full inspection of the scaffolding – Each day before work begins on the site, the supervisor should inspect all scaffolding (and fixtures) to ensure that there are no defects that could lead to a collapse.

Inspecting guardrails – At the same time, guardrails should be inspected to ensure that these all important safety measures will perform when needed.

Incorporating safety belts – As we alluded to earlier, the higher up workers are, the better the chance for serious injuries. As such, workers working 10 10 feet or higher above the ground should must use safety belts.

Being available and responsive – Supervisors should be in of sight of all work being conducted while on scaffolds.

If these guidelines are ignored, and an injury occurs, the construction company could be subject to OSHA violations.