A look at the Arizona workers’ compensation Claims Division

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Arizona residents who believe they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits often have many questions about the process. After all, it is a procedure that can take multiple steps, sometimes consuming a great length of time in a person’s life. But many rely on workers’ compensation benefits in order to meet the basic needs of everyday life. For these people, learning about every step in the workers’ compensation claim process can prove valuable.

One important component involved in the workers’ compensation process is that which involves the Arizona Claims Division. The Claims Division processes some 6,000 documents per day. What’s more, the division makes over 30,000 determinations a year. These determinations involve issues such as requests to change physician, requests to leave the state, the loss of earning capacity and the like.

The Claims Division has an extensive record of all workers’ compensation claims dating back to 1925. There is also an employer insurance database that can provide current information on Arizona employees, as well as their workers’ compensation. The Claims Division staff is available to provide general assistance. However, it cannot give anyone legal advice.

In order to seek out legal advice regarding workers’ compensation, injured employees often turn to attorneys to help them with their claims. Attorneys with experience in workers’ compensation may be able to help injured employees through every part of the process. There are often multiple steps involved in a workers’ compensation claim, and an attorney may help an injured worker understand each of these steps. With the help of an attorney, it is often possible to obtain the workers’ compensation some Arizona residents need to meet the requirements of everyday life.

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