What expenses can workers’ compensation cover?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

A workplace accident can happen in anywhere. Though some work environments may pose more risk than others, as construction sites and industrial warehouses tend to be more dangerous than, say, office work, all workers might find themselves in a situation where they are suddenly faced with life-altering injuries. In such cases, Arizona residents may find themselves confused, not knowing what options are available to them. Thankfully, there are workers’ compensation attorneys available to clear up much of this confusion.

The first step is to understand just how workers’ compensation can benefit an injured worker. More specifically, knowing what expenses workers’ compensation can cover can help clear up much of this confusion. Workers’ compensation can cover replacement income, costs for retraining, medical care necessary to treat illness or injury, and it can help compensate for permanent injuries, as well as provide benefits to the families of loved ones of workers who lose their lives in a workplace accident.

In many of these cases, the typical wage replacement recoverable is around two-thirds of the worker’s average wage. However, there is a maximum amount that is fixed, and benefits will not go over this maximum amount. These benefits are not taxed and eligibility for wage replacement can begin immediatelyy after a few days of work are missed as a result of an injury or illness.

An injury or illness suffered on the job can change an individual’s life. Victims may no longer be able to enjoy the same quality of life, let alone return to a normal work routine. This is why it is important for victims and their families to know what rights workers’ compensation affords them. With the help of an attorney, it is often possible to come to a full understanding of these rights and successfully seek the compensation to which a victim is entitled.

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