Important points about filing a workplace injury claim in Arizona

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

Workers in Arizona who suffer an on-the-job injury need to know how to file an injury claim with the state. This is very important when receiving repayment for medical expenses and other compensatory benefits. The worker is required to file the claim within one year of the date that the injury occurred. As soon as a workplace injury has happened, it is also the responsibility of the worker to let the employer know immediatelyy. This will be done by filling out and signing a form at the doctor’s office or by getting a Worker’s Report of Injury from the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Either one of these will be sufficient to be considered a claim form when seeking benefits.

These forms should not be sent over the internet because personal identity and information can be compromised. They should be sent via conventional mail. For the employer, an Employer’s Report of Injury must be filed. This is nothing more than a report of the injury having occurred. After the claim form has been sent and received by the ICA, notification will subsequently be sent to the insurer who provides coverage for workers’ compensation.

There will be three weeks for the insurance carrier to either approve or deny the claim. After the claim has been received, there will be a notification letter sent to the worker regarding the decision. In the event that the claim is accepted, compensation and medical expenses will then be the responsibility of the carrier. If it is denied, the worker must then file for a hearing within 90 days after the date the claim was denied.

If a worker suffers a workplace injury, there will be many concerns that will inevitably arise. These frequently involve receiving pay and coverage for medical costs after the injury. It is especially worrisome if the person is unable to return to work in a timely fashion or cannot return to work at all. There might be rehabilitation and other factors that will have an influence on the worker. In some cases, there will be a denial or dispute regarding the claim. The first thing that an injured worker should to do protect him or herself after receiving medical treatment is to speak to a legal professional experienced with helping clients who have suffered a work injury.

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