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How are time lost claims handled by workers' compensation?

There are various issues that will factor in when receiving workers' compensation benefits in Arizona after an on-the-job injury. Having a grasp on these issues and following the required protocol can ease the process when trying to receive the applicable benefits after an injury. One important point that must be understood is time lost claims.

Important points about filing a workplace injury claim in Arizona

Workers in Arizona who suffer an on-the-job injury need to know how to file an injury claim with the state. This is very important when receiving repayment for medical expenses and other compensatory benefits. The worker is required to file the claim within one year of the date that the injury occurred. As soon as a workplace injury has happened, it is also the responsibility of the worker to let the employer know immediatelyy. This will be done by filling out and signing a form at the doctor's office or by getting a Worker's Report of Injury from the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Either one of these will be sufficient to be considered a claim form when seeking benefits.

What are employers' responsibilities for workers' compensation?

Many Arizona residents are familiar with workers' compensation. Just about anyone who has worked in any type of work environment has likely been exposed to the concept. Sometimes an employer notifies an employee directly of what their rights are regarding workers' compensation, sometimes there is a sign outlying their rights. However, many might not decide to learn the ins and outs of workers' compensation until they themselves are injured in a workplace accident. When this happens, they may turn to an attorney to help discover what their rights are.

Types of injuries covered by workers' compensation

Arizona residents may find themselves out of work for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may not qualify one for any type of benefits, while others, such as those that result from a workplace accident, may allow a person to receive workers' compensation benefits. A workplace accident can have life-altering effects. For example, it can lead to an individual becoming dependent on long-term care. Long-term care can prove to be expensive and when a person is unable to work, these bills can break the bank account. Thankfully, workers' compensation can help injured workers cover these costs.

What expenses can workers' compensation cover?

A workplace accident can happen in anywhere. Though some work environments may pose more risk than others, as construction sites and industrial warehouses tend to be more dangerous than, say, office work, all workers might find themselves in a situation where they are suddenly faced with life-altering injuries. In such cases, Arizona residents may find themselves confused, not knowing what options are available to them. Thankfully, there are workers' compensation attorneys available to clear up much of this confusion.

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