What am I expected to know when I file a claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

An Arizona employee, particularly if they have what seems to be a minor injury, may think it best just to handle the filing of a workers’ compensation claim themselves. While this is the right of every Phoenix resident, a person may still want to think twice before staking out on their own. In many cases, it may be best to resist the temptation to cut out an experienced lawyer in an effort to supposedly save money.

An Arizonan that wants to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits will be held to the same standards as an expert in workers’ compensation law. On a practical level, this means that they will have to read and understand notices that often contain legal jargon that the average person does not use often. It also means that they will be strictly held to all deadlines and will be expected to keep their current contact information on file with the proper parties.

Moreover, one should not think that this sort of obligation is a one-time thing, like filing federal taxes or an application for a student loan. If a workers’ compensation claim ends up disputed or more involved than usual, as many claims do, then the injured worker will have to keep track of all the nuances and deadlines connected with the appeal or hearing process.

Missing a deadline is not a small matter. While forgiveness may be possible in some situations, one should never assume that a missed deadline will mean anything less than the denial of benefits without the possibility of a further appeal. In some cases, the law may even require administrative officials to strictly enforce a deadline.

Especially when they are recovering from an injury, it can be very difficult for a worker to manage what is oftentimes a complicated and time-consuming process. Sometimes, the best thing a worker can do is turn over their case to an experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney so that they can focus on recovering their health.