An overview of the role of the Industrial Commission of Arizona

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Many Phoenix area workers who suffer workplace injuries will likely find themselves dealing with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. One part of this agency’s role is to administer workers’ compensation claims. This agency completes this role through two different sections: the Claims Division and the Administrative Law Judge Division.

The Claims Division is responsible for processing the claims received from either physicians attending to workers who are injured on the job, or from the workers themselves. From there, the Claims Division will notify the specific workers’ compensation insurance company used by the employer so that the claim can be paid out. A large part of the role of the Claims Division is focused on compliance: ensuring that both insurance companies and injured workers comply with all of the relevant workers’ compensation laws in Arizona.

The ALJ Division is more focused on addressing any disputes that may arise between injured workers, employers and insurance companies. Hearings can be held on a wide variety of issues, including determinations of whether or not the worker is entitled to workers’ compensation or addressing any claims regarding a loss of earning capacity.

For many workers who are injured on the job in Arizona, it is the first time they have ever had to interact with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Needless to say, workers who find themselves in this type of situation would probably benefit from getting the best and most accurate information on the workers’ compensation process, as well as their legal options if they need to make a claim in Arizona.

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