Mine collapses and other risks miners face

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Workplace Accidents

Working in a mine is a job that many in Arizona proudly perform. While those involved in it want nothing more than there to be full safety for employees, it is unavoidable that accidents will happen. Yet when an accident occurs it is imperative to determine whether it was due to an unsafe working environment or a mistake made by the employer. There are numerous dangers that mine employees face every single day. If an incident happens and it results in injury or even fatality, it is crucial that the injured party and his or her family know what to do in its aftermath.

When working in a mine, it is possible that there will be a mine collapse. In these instances, the walls and ceilings might not have been adequately secured for safety, and cracks can be in the walls and floor, thereby weakening the entire structure. If blasting and drilling is not planned properly, it can result in a cave-in. Gas explosions might also happen if methane gas has accumulated. This can occur if there is inadequate ventilation. There must be a monitoring of gas levels and evacuation must commence if it exceeds that legal amount.

Equipment might also collide in a workplace accident. Given the size at which mine equipment must be and the speeds at which it travels, a crash can cause major damage and lead to workers being hurt.

With mine work, there are chemicals used to make ore into commodities that are usable. If these are not stored properly or if safety procedures are not adhered to, it can cause a safety hazard. It is also important that there be proper ventilation so fumes will not be inhaled by workers. With drills and other machines, electricity is required. Dampness can lead to worker electrocution. There can also be explosions if cables and plugs are worn. Fires can happen for multiple reasons. With workers underground in the mine, it can be difficult to escape before the flames can be put out or controlled.

Considering the historical dangers of mine work, it’s not surprising that accidents happen. Although new technology is improving how mine work is done and assisting with the safety of workers, there will still be workplace accidents. If an accident occurs, those who were hurt or lost a loved one should understand how to pursue compensation with assistance from an experienced lawyer.

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