Investigation finds beehive after worker stung numerous times

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Workplace Accidents

When workplace accidents in Arizona happen, they are usually associated with a fall, a falling object, employer negligence, and other common occurrences. Construction accidents often result from the physical nature of the work, the heavy equipment that is used, and the inherently risky activities that workers must perform as they go about their business. But workplace accidents can happen for a multitude of other reasons. Many are unexpected and completely unforeseen, but can nonetheless cause serious harm to the victims, as can be seen in one recent incident.

Construction workers who were operating on a site were recently attacked by a swarm of bees at their work location. Firefighters received a call in the morning informing them of the problem. When they arrived, they found one worker had received more than 100 bee stings as a result of the attack. Firefighters administered treatment and the man was hospitalized. Another worker was also stung and received treatment at the scene. A bee hive was discovered at the work site and a beekeeper was called in to remove it.

Being injured at work is not just about the injuries themselves, it is about what they can mean. The injuries can lead to medical costs, the inability to work, and other problems. In some cases, the employer might have contributed to the danger with an unsafe working environment. They might even deny that they have to cover the expenses the worker will have to pay to be treated and recover from their harm. Any injury at work can cause long-term damage. There can be emotional, personal and financial aftereffects. It is imperative to understand what to do when seeking compensation after workplace accidents so that normalcy and financial security may be obtained.

In this case, a construction worker was stung a significant number of times after he and co-workers stumbled onto a beehive. While it might sound somewhat unusual for workers to be injured by bees, it does not diminish the potential impact they face, which is similar to those suffered in other workplace accidents. When there is an injury at work, no matter how odd it might sound, there could be the basis to receive compensation in a legal filing. Speaking to an attorney can help with an investigation to move forward with a case.

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