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Are you entitled to a safe work environment?

There are many employers throughout the country who place a premium on highly skilled employees who are happy to do their jobs every day. However, there are also employers who do not always put their employees' health and safety at the forefront of their decision making. As a result, dangerous work accidents are still a part of life for employees in a variety of different employment sectors. But, are employers actually required to provide a safe work environment for their employees?

Important points to remember to avoid a scaffolding accident

For an Arizona construction worker, the need to work on a scaffold is unavoidable. While this is a common part of the workday and many have experience with it, a scaffolding accident can occur even to the most conscientious and knowledgeable worker. There are certain procedures that must be in place for the safety of workers when they are on a scaffold. If a construction accident occurs on a jobsite, it is key to know whether the company and supervisors were following safety rules for their employees.

Mine collapses and other risks miners face

Working in a mine is a job that many in Arizona proudly perform. While those involved in it want nothing more than there to be full safety for employees, it is unavoidable that accidents will happen. Yet when an accident occurs it is imperative to determine whether it was due to an unsafe working environment or a mistake made by the employer. There are numerous dangers that mine employees face every single day. If an incident happens and it results in injury or even fatality, it is crucial that the injured party and his or her family know what to do in its aftermath.

Investigation finds beehive after worker stung numerous times

When workplace accidents in Arizona happen, they are usually associated with a fall, a falling object, employer negligence, and other common occurrences. Construction accidents often result from the physical nature of the work, the heavy equipment that is used, and the inherently risky activities that workers must perform as they go about their business. But workplace accidents can happen for a multitude of other reasons. Many are unexpected and completely unforeseen, but can nonetheless cause serious harm to the victims, as can be seen in one recent incident.

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