How employers can protect construction workers

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Arizona construction workers who repair and build this state’s roads face a great deal of danger every day that they go to work. In addition to the usual hazards of a construction zone, workers also have to contend with traffic passing very close their workspace.

Particularly when motorists get impatient and travel through a work zone too quickly, the proximity of the flow of traffic to a construction site can lead to severe construction accidents. Although it is true that those driving by the site have an obligation to be careful, employers also bear accountability for the safety of their employees.

Employers can take a number of steps to reduce the danger posed by traffic passing through a road construction zone. Although simply closing a road altogether is sometimes impractical, a company can work to make sure that workers have plenty of extra buffer space via techniques like closing an extra lane of traffic.

Additionally, employers can schedule work at times when traffic is not as heavy, such as at night or over a weekend. While this tactic does not stop traffic passing through the work zone altogether, it does reduce the likelihood of an accident. Modern technology has also made it possible to complete construction projects very quickly, and many employers can use this technology to get workers in and out of a dangerous situation without delay.

Even with innovative techniques and novel warning devices, accidents involving construction workers will undoubtedly still happen. For those construction workers who have been injured in an accident, Arizona’s no-fault workers’ compensation system offers the possibility of acquiring funds to help pay medical bills and cover lost wages.