Helping Arizona workers get the correct amount of lost wages

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

Last week’s post on this blog discussed the maximum amount of benefits for lost wages an employee in Arizona can receive for a work-related injury. Perhaps even more importantly, the post also mentioned that sometimes, employers and employees can get in to a dispute about how much an employee was earning in wages prior to his or her injuries.

Although figuring wages for traditional full-time employee is usually easy enough, for people who are paid as contractors or by-the-job, the task can be a little bit more difficult. Because it is in dispute, an employer may want to push the envelope and deny certain benefits for lost wages in an effort to save money.

Our office has extensive experience working with workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured employees in the Phoenix area and throughout the state of Arizona. While each case obviously depends on its own unique facts and on Arizona law, we can review the facts of a case in detail should an individual suffer a workplace injury and need compensation.

Also, our office can help with the filing of a workers’ compensation claim, a process which can be quite complicated and is no doubt very important. In fact, the proper filing of a claim at the outset may be the best way to ensure that an employee gets paid the benefit that he or she deserves for his or her lost income and medical expenses.

Despite filing a claim promptly and correctly, a dispute still can arise over the amount of benefits to be paid to an employee. In these situations, our office has the experience and expertise to serve as a competent advocate for an employee’s case.