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On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Last week’s post discussed how in Arizona, workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for a Phoenix-area employee who gets hurt on the job. This means that, in exchange for being virtually guaranteed compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages, a worker gives up his or her right to sue the employer for “non-economic” items like pain and suffering.

While some might wonder why there would be a dispute about medical bills and wages, both of which are relatively easy to quantify, in fact disputes over workers’ compensation are rather common. Employers and insurance companies naturally want to keep their costs down, and for this reason many will litigate workers’ compensation claims.

In such situations, our law office has helped injured Arizona workers receive the full monetary amount of the workers’ compensation benefits that they deserved. Our office has been around since the early 1970s, and we have extensive experience in helping injured workers. Those who have a pending workers’ compensation claim that is difficult should also realize that our lawyers do not get paid until the injured worker receives benefits.

Our office is equipped to represent workers at all stages of the workers’ compensation process, including those who are just getting started with filing a claim. However, we are fully prepared to advocate for a worker should he or she find himself or herself in a contentious claim, and we can even help a worker appeal a decision if doing so is a viable option. For more information about how our office can help injured

Arizona workers, please feel free to explore our website.