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How our office can help injured construction workers

Construction workers in Maricopa County, Arizona, put themselves at risk each workday in order to provide for their families. An Arizona construction site is usually a very busy place, and it is also a place full of dangerous conditions. A construction worker is particularly prone to a fall. Moreover, a worker can also injure himself or herself while lifting, or while being around heavy machinery or a power tool.

Furthermore, workers may not experience a one-time "serious" injury, but they may instead gradually have to wear their bodies down doing the same task over and over. While they do not occur in an instant, these repetitive injuries can also be debilitating.

Although the Arizona workers' compensation system is a no fault system, that does not mean that the system is necessarily easy for everyone to understand and navigate. A construction worker who has been hurt on the job may want, or even need, the assistance of a qualified and certified workers' compensation specialist to help them file a claim.

After all, the Arizona workers' compensation system operates under many different procedural requirements, and failing to file some of these requirements could mean losing the right to claim benefits or having that right restricted.

Construction workers who get hurt on the job will likely need workers' compensation in order to cover their medical bills and their lost wages. These benefits may well be critical to the worker's livelihood. For over 40 years, our firm has helped workers get the compensation they need to get past the injuries and move on with their lives.

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