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Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C.
Helping Injured Workers In Arizona Since 1973

Injured on the job? Seek medical and legal help.

You know something is wrong. Your body just doesn't feel right. Maybe you notice a nagging cough, headache or shortness of breath. Maybe your back or wrists are more sore than usual. Maybe your spouse sees you limping as you hike your favorite trail. You can't quite pinpoint a cause, but you suspect the problems are related to your job.

Sound familiar? You may be the victim of an industrial accident. If so, contact your doctor immediatelyy and notify your supervisor. You may also wish to consult with a certified workers' compensation specialist in the Phoenix area.

Although some work accidents are obvious and dramatic - like slipping and falling, explosions or chemical spills - others are less noticeable but equally damaging to a worker's health. For example, exposure to improperly stored chemicals may go unnoticed initially, but over the long run may cause serious health problems.

Likewise, you may think that the accident was "your fault," and you may not be entitled to compensation. For example, you stood too close to a moving blade, parked the forklift in the wrong location or forgot to wear your safety goggles. In many such cases, the worker's injuries are actually the result of poor training or safety procedures, or a lack of protective equipment. Regardless of who is at fault, if you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers' compensation.

For more than 40 years, Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck P.C., has helped thousands of sick, injured and disabled workers in Phoenix, Maricopa County and the rest of Arizona obtain workers' compensation. Our certified workers' compensation attorneys regularly handle cases involving hand and eye injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, traumatic amputations, burns, lung damage and many other injuries.

Bottom line: Whatever your workplace injury, if it affects your quality of life, or may affect your future well-being, don't wait. It may be wise to seek medical and legal help immediatelyy. For more information, please visit our Industrial and Manufacturing Accidents webpage.

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