Workers’ compensation and the Industrial Commission of Arizona

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

When an Arizona worker is hurt while on the job it can be a significant blow to their financial health as well as their physical health. Illness and injury often keep workers out of their jobs and prevent them from earning their paychecks. An injury or illness can make a worker feel physically helpless and unable to support his family all at the same time.

However, the state offers injured and sick workers the opportunity to receive workers’ compensation during their convalescence. Workers’ compensation is available to Arizona workers who are hurt on the job, regardless of whoever’s fault caused the worker’s harm. A worker may file a claim with the state in order to start the workers’ compensation process.

The Industrial Commission of Arizona handles workers’ compensation claims. It has two distinct bodies: the Claims Division and the Administrative Law Judge Division. The Claims Division makes sure that insurance providers pay employees the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. The Administrative Law Judge Division executes administrative adjudications over workers’ compensation issues that develop between insurance carriers, workers and employers.

It can sometimes be hard for an injured or sick worker to know exactly how and where to file his workers’ compensation paperwork. He may desperately need financial support but may be limited to accessing it by his own lack of understanding about the process. For that reason, some hurt and sick workers use employment attorneys to help them keep their workers’ compensation claims on track. With professional guidance, a struggling worker may find the financial assistance he needs through workers’ compensation to support his family as he works to get back to his job.