Work accident on Arizona farm sends man to hospital

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Workplace Accidents

Almost any job that a Phoenix resident may have could involve hazards to some degree. While the occupational hazards associated with some high-risk fields of employment may present more serious threats to workers in those jobs than workers in other fields, no worker should suffer harm while doing his job. When employees suffer injuries in the course of their employment, the causes of those workplace accidents sometimes point back to negligence on the part of the workers’ employers.

A man working at a farm associated with the Rousseau Farming Company in Surprise was recently injured in an accident on the job while driving a tractor for his employer. The man was in the closed cab farm vehicle when it tipped over and into a water-filled canal. Other workers on the farm had to use a second piece of farming equipment to lift the tipped tractor and free the man. The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

At this time the accident is still under investigation, but there are many possible causes that could have contributed to this horrific incident. Deficiencies in the maintenance of work equipment and the training of employees are both problems that could cause accidents like this one and that ultimately fall to the employer for responsibility.

This injured worker may face a long and difficult recovery as he works to get his life back after this work accident. His treatment and medical therapy may cost more money than he is capable of paying on his own. As he recovers, he may choose to investigate his legal rights to damages through a lawsuit based on the possible negligence of his employer.

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