Legal help after a construction accident in Phoenix

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Construction work in Phoenix and across the state is a form of employment that many people do to earn a living. It’s a necessary job that benefits the community and provides a service both publicly and privately. While a construction worker is generally well trained and most employers take care to make certain their work areas are safe, a construction accident is sometimes unavoidable. It might be due to carelessness on the part of the employer, circumstances or a mistake made by the workers. Regardless, our law firm understands the importance of knowing what to do after an accident occurs.

With injuries in a construction accident, there will be medical treatment and a possible hospitalization. This can cost a great deal of money. If the worker is hurt badly with a loss of limb, the need for surgery or even paralysis, the costs will be astronomical and the family will bear the brunt of having to figure out how to navigate the difficult process of assisting an injured loved one.

For a person who is used to supporting him or herself working a physical activity like construction, to suddenly be incapacitated and unable to work is a difficult adjustment. Combined with the financial aspects, a construction accident can have wide ramifications.

Workers’ compensation is in place to protect workers who have been hurt, but there are times when the insurer is difficult and is not providing the financial support that is supposed to be part of the insurance. The company might have made some mistake or there was a problem with the worker’s information on the various records that must be kept. If, for any reason, the worker is not accorded the assistance he or she is supposed to get, it might be necessary to get legal help to receive what they are entitled to.

When there is a construction accident and a worker is injured, the most important factor is to receive treatment to get back on the road to wellness. Finances and the future must be considered as well. Our law firm’s construction accident overview can help outline the options available to victims and loved ones. In order to ensure that the construction worker receives the proper compensation after the injuries, it is wise to discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional early in the process.