How do I know if I’m covered by workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Arizona employees can have a difficult time learning about the benefits to which they are entitled, such as workers’ compensation insurance. You can read about workers’ compensation in the Arizona Constitution and the Arizona Revised Statutes. Unfortunately, these documents often contain too much legal jargon to navigate. While the following information is not all inclusive, it does provide a basic understanding of who is covered by workers compensation.

If you do not know whether you are covered by workers’ compensation, the answers is that you probably are. Arizona mandates that employers offer the coverage to their employees. This law covers both full- and part-time employees. However, those who employ independent contractors or casual workers do not need to provide coverage. Additionally, those in a domestic servitude role, such as a housekeeper in a private home, are not covered.

Workers’ compensation in Arizona is “no fault”, which means employees are entitled to receive their benefits no matter who is at fault for their accident. Conversely, an employee may elect not to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The employee must put this refusal in writing so that it can be kept on file. Employees may also cancel their refusal in writing, but they must do so before suffering a work-related injury.

While employers are required to notify their workers’ compensation carrier and the Arizona Industrial Commission when an employee is injured, it may not be not a good idea to assume your employer will take care of your claim for you. It is likely best to be involved in your claim to ensure you are getting the help you need.

Speaking to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can Provide peace of mind to those who have suffered an on-the-job injury or job-related illness. An attorney can help keep a claim on track so that those affected can receive benefits meant to help during the recovery from a work-related injury.