Pursuing compensation after a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Getting hurt at work can leave you with plenty of questions. In Arizona, workers’ compensation is an important avenue of relief for those who are hurt while on the job. There are a lot of serious considerations, depending on the severity of an injury.

For some people, an accident can be very minor and may be treated with rest and relaxation. Other injuries, especially those on construction sites or those that occur from other physically demanding jobs, can cause a serious injury that has long-term effects. A slip and fall on a construction site can put someone in the hospital. A traumatic brain injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care and leave the worker permanently disabled.

If an employer was negligent in their actions, they may have additional liability. This could lead to additional compensation. Negligence can take many forms, from inadequate safety procedures to not adhering to federal or Arizona state worker standards. OSHA also inspects companies for proper adherence to worker safety. Breaking these regulations could be considered negligence.

Many Arizona residents may not know what the best thing to do is following an accident. You can read more at our firm’s informative page on work accidents. Understanding the steps to take after an accident can help save you from financial losses in the long run. They can also prepare you so that compensation comes faster. Medical and daily living expenses can add up for family members if someone is out of work because of an injury.