Phoenix industrial workers’ accident kills man

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

A tragic Phoenix accident involving someone at work leaves many questions in the air. Family and friends feeling devastated after the loss of a loved one. In the wake of a tragic accident, important questions should be answered. Finding financial support after a catastrophe can help a family with daily living expenses. A deadly industrial accident often involves an investigation into how the accident occurred.

A tragic accident occurred in Chandler, just outside Phoenix, where a man was killed after getting trapped in a wood chipper. The accident happened at about 10 a.m. when a call was made to the local police. The man was killed at the scene of the accident. The wood chipper was parked behind a vehicle with a logo for a local tree pruning service. Chandler police arrived at the scene of the accident and are investigating the case. A hat was found near the industrial machine. The victim was unidentified.

A terrible tragedy involving someone who was killed while at work or with company equipment is sad for multiple reasons. If someone is killed in an accident, his or her family may be entitled to additional compensation. If there was a negligent employer in a workplace injury, they may have responsibility for the accident. While the details of this case are not clear, police upon completion of an investigation can determine fault.

Finding support for a family after a terrible industrial accident is important. Financial support can help families maintain some semblance of order while they grieve for a lost loved one. A tragic accident or injury at work can prove a fault with an employer’s safety regulations or standards at work.


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