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NJ steam blowout a warning for Arizona industrial companies

A factory accident or other injury at work can put workers in the hospital or expose them to dangerous chemicals. Arizona employers have a responsibility to protect their workers by ensuring workplace safety. This is especially important with industrial companies that work with heavy machinery, dangerous products and high-stress environments. Proper safety can prevent bodily harm, including eye injuries, and keep workers protected.

A 23-year-old man at an Edison laboratory in New Jersey was severely injured recently while cleaning a 250-gallon container. The container was one used by the company to process facial cream. Steam escaped from the tank, striking the victim in the chest and causing third-degree burns. The man was transported to a local hospital with burns across his legs, arms and chest. A second victim was injured while trying to aid the first victim. Investigators on the scene said they found no evidence of chemicals released into the air.

A worker who is injured on the job has the ability to claim workers' compensation benefits. These benefits cover costs including medical bills and daily living expenses while someone is away from work. Workers' compensation benefits are paid regardless of whether the employer was at fault in the accident.

The New Jersey steam accident is a lesson for Arizona employers to be mindful of the many ways that a worker can get hurt. For employers, having proper safety procedures in place and first aid available in the event of a workplace injury is critical, especially if a company works with potentially hazardous chemicals and processes.

Source:, "Two injured in industrial accident at Edison laboratory," Vernal Coleman, Aug. 20, 2014

Source:, "Two injured in industrial accident at Edison laboratory," Vernal Coleman, Aug. 20, 2014

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