Victim in Arizona prison rape files workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

While it can be a calming thought to assume a workplace is always a safe environment, this unfortunately is not always the case. No matter the profession, Arizona workers do usually have some type of danger, no matter how remote of chance, while at work. Fortunately, in these types of incidents, workers’ compensation can alleviate some of the loss caused by such accidents. Regardless of the comfort that may present, however, some heinous events can take place at a workplace, as made evident by an instance of sexual assault.

Recently, a teacher conducting a high school equivalency exam at a prison was raped by an inmate in the class. The inmate allegedly lingered in the classroom as the other prisoners left the room. After they had left, he approached the teacher and asked to use the bathroom before stabbing the woman with a pen, forcing her to the floor and sexually assaulting her. There was no guard present in the classroom; the teacher had only a radio with which to call for help. The teacher said that when no one answered on the radio – it had been changed to a channel that the guards were not using – she used a phone to call for help.

The inmate who allegedly committed the sexual assault was serving the first year of a 30-year sentence for a 2011 home invasion rape of a Phoenix woman.

Quite obviously, this threat was not one the teacher should have been exposed to without proper protection. While it is a particularly awful instance of harm, it does underscore the notion that incidents and workplace accidents can occur whether that are blatantly in the open or not. Workers’ compensation is a means of providing compensation for those affected by such instances. Proper legal assistance can help ensure that workers’ compensation is dealt with correctly and hopefully efficiently, allowing the affected to travel down a path to recovery.

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