Team Building exercises to avoid in Arizona

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Every team has a need for motivation. Team Building exercises can help build unity, cohesion and a sense of purpose. When done correctly, they can align employees with the mission of an employer. A sense of initiative can develop. Unfortunately, team exercises also can go terribly wrong, especially when done in unsafe environments with improper safety protocols. An inappropriate event at work could lead to an industrial accident or another work-related injury.

While a team building exercise can seem like a good activity to some, it can lead to a serious accident. In a piece recently run on KNAU Public Radio in Arizona, several people described team building situations in which someone got injured. In one, a dollar-coin-stuffed piñata led to several people getting hit by the coins when the piñata was busted open. In another paintballing work exercise, a paintball gun misfired and hit a manager in the groin.

If someone is hurt at work in the state of Arizona, they should be entitled to compensation. It’s important for companies to choose activities that are appropriate and safe for their workforce. Workers’ compensation can help an injured worker with bills, groceries and other payments while they are recuperating. Some workers are wrongfully denied workers’ compensation. In this case, someone who was hurt in a company or industrial accident must file a claim as soon as possible. The process, however, can be complicated and onerous.

While a team building exercise or company event may sound like a good idea, some activities can lead to injuries. If an employee is injured at work, they should receive compensation for any necessary treatment, hospital stays and physical therapy. A simple paintballing exercise may sound like a good idea to a manager or CEO, but those kinds of activities are not suitable for all types of people. An injury stemming from a work activity can put someone out of commission for a long time.

Source: Knau Arizona Public Radio, “Paintballing The Boss: Office Team-Building Exercises Gone Bad,” Yuki Noguchi, July 8, 2014