Arizona work safety group investigating teacher assault

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

One of the duties Arizona employees is to ensure that their employees are safe while at work. This can mean a variety of different things like installing proper evacuation procedures or ensure adequate supervision. Teachers, guards and other state employees should not be at an unnecessary risk while at work. A significant injury or assault at work can lead to many questions about proper safety procedures, even negligence.

The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety is investigating the Eyman prison’s Meadow Unit after an inmate raped a teacher. The teacher was alone in a classroom when a convicted rapist stabbed her with a pen and assaulted her. The agency is launching a full investigation of the Arizona Department of Corrections. These cases can take months to complete. Questions are being raised about why the woman was allowed to be in contact with male sexual-offenders without a prison guard nearby. The Meadow Unit houses 1,300 sexual offenders. The 20-year-old prisoner was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

The Department of Correction has a duty to its workforce, especially as employees encounter potentially dangerous situations. A worker can file a claim for workers’ compensation after an injury to help eliminate financial losses from lost wages and to cover medical bills. If an employer acted negligently, the injured employee might have additional causes of action.

Employees, including teachers or other government workers should be safe at work. Organizations should have proper protocol established to ensure that dangerous situations are avoided. Employees who are hurt at work deserve compensation if they are injured during the course of employment and are unable to work.

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