Arizona company pays fines for railroad project

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Construction Workers' Accidents

A job in construction has many functions. While it helps to pay for living, it also provides a valuable service for the people of Arizona. From new constructions on roads to important city development projects, investments in infrastructure are important for growth and commerce. If someone is injured on the job, symptoms can range from mild to severe. Significant injuries may require someone to go to the hospital. If someone is out of work for a period of time, workers’ compensation can help him or her pay for routine bills.

An Arizona company, Sundt Construction, and Burnside, a Minnesota company, have agreed to pay fines of $150,000. The fines were assessed because they did not have the required state licenses when the bidding for the job occurred. The companies helped in building a railroad construction project in New Mexico for Union Pacific’s new rail hub. Both companies said they did not intentionally avoid getting the correct licenses and were glad to have the matter settled.

New construction projects are happening all across Arizona and different states. However, construction companies should make sure that they are properly licensed for work. Construction environments are often very frenzied places to work and, unfortunately, accidents do occur. If someone is injured on the job, he or she should begin the process of filing for workers’ compensation. Lost wages can add up and a denied claim could add financial frustration to an already stressful injury

While a job in construction may pay well, some companies don’t adhere to proper safety procedures. Not obtaining proper licenses may be a sign of negligence. If demonstrable in the state of Arizona, compensation may be claimed if a company was negligent in providing basic safety measures.

Source: KTAR, “Arizona construction company settles allegations of lacking licenses,” July 17, 2014