Industrial Phoenix fire puts two employees in hospital

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

A fire can spread very quickly in an industrial setting. When a fire spreads through a building, smoke and flames can cause severe damage to any nearby workers. Many Arizona companies establish proper exit protocols to help employees in the event of a fire. A work injury from a fire can involve severe burn and tissue damage. Some burn victims may have to face a long journey in order to recover.

A pool pump in Phoenix allegedly started a massive industrial fire recently. The blaze blotted out parts of the sun in downtown Phoenix in late April; the fire started at Fuels LLC that is located at 23rd and Jefferson Streets. Employees were pumping oil when a hose detached and combusted on top of a nearby motor. Investigators say the pump was inappropriate for the company to be using for that purpose. There were also 19 other non-compliant conditions that investigators found at the facility. The business is shut down until it fixes those problems.

An industrial fire can be caused by an accident, but sometimes it is the fault of a company. Two employees were severely burned in the fire. If a company is responsible for poor procedures and unsafe equipment, they may be responsible for additional compensation to injured employees. Those who are hospitalized because of a workplace injury are entitled to workers’ compensation. This can help pay for rehabilitation and lost wages. A negligent company may provide additional compensation for pain and suffering.

Being unable to work due to injury is difficult. Not only can there be a lengthy rehabilitation process for burn victims, but such an injury also can result in financial instability. Workers’ compensation can help pay for those who are injured on the job. Sometimes a claim is wrongfully denied. Filing a proper claim for workers’ compensation puts an injured worker back on the ladder to recovery.

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