Industrial accident at steel plant kills 1

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

A severe injury or death in an industrial setting is tragic. Many Arizona companies set up safety protocols that are governed by federal and state standards for occupational health. Even with modern technology and proper safety protocols, accidents can happen. Machinery safety protocol is one of the most important things an industrial firm can set up for its workers. Occupational safety can be the difference between a safe or dangerous working environment.

Recently, an industrial steel accident led to the death of a worker in another state. The area fire department reported that the man was killed when steel rolled over and fell on top of him while he was working, crushing him to death. The man was declared dead at the scene of the accident by the fire department.

The aftermath of an industrial accident is confusing for both the company and the family of the injured or deceased. The sudden loss of life leaves many questions. If an employer was lax on safety protocols, a family may be able to get workers’ compensation. This can help pay for funeral expenses and the loss of income. If a claim is denied in Arizona, acting fast can help families financially recover from an accident or sudden death. A serious injury can be problematic as medical costs pile up.

As this shows, accidents can happen and preparations for additional safety protocols can protect workers. If protocols are not adhered to, an employee may seek workers’ compensation benefits. Raising awareness on safety hazards is an important way for industrial companies to protect their workforce.

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