5-year, $306m construction program allocated for Arizona

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Construction Workers' Accidents

The source of pain after a construction accident can be challenging to discern, even for medical professionals. An accident on a construction site can put a worker in the hospital for a lengthy period of time. Something as simple as a defective power tool accident can have serious repercussions. Some workers may suffer from occupational disease or repetitive injuries. In Arizona, many multi-million dollar construction projects are in the works, which means more workers may be at risk of injury. When those workers are hurt, it is important they seek the compensation they deserve.

The Arizona Transportation Board approved a total of $306 million in transportation projects over a five-year period. The approved projects are the State Route 347 Railroad Overpass, Interstate 15, State Route 89, State Route 260, US 60, US 95 and State Route 189. The 2015-2019 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program has dedicated funding towards all these projects. Many of them will focus on widening current roads and new constructions.

With new construction workers are exposed to dangers that can lead to injuries. A construction worker could get into an accident in a variety of ways, from defective equipment to poor safety precautions. If someone is hurt on-the-job, he or she is allowed to seek workers’ compensation to help him or her with any expenses that may incur. Those costs could range from rehabilitation for the injury to lost wages due to missed work.

Though injured workers can seek workers’ compensation, the process, all too often, is fraught with legal complexities. Insurance companies may deny a claim for various reasons, leaving an injured worker financially stranded. The good news, however, is that these harmed individuals do not have to accept an initial rejection. Instead, they can seek the help of an Arizona attorney who will help them fight to get a denial overturned. If the facts of the case and the law support it, then an compensation may be recovered for lost wages and medical expenses, allowing an injured worker to obtain the care he or she needs and deserves.

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