What can occupational medicine do in Arizona?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Work hazards can take their toll on employees, especially if a worker is involved in an accident. The workplace should be a place where safety is important and risks are limited to the scope of certain occupations. From Arizona construction workers to white collar office environments, different occupations can lead to different injuries. A work injury can hamper the ability to do a job and may have impacts on the body in the long term.

Occupational medicine is an entire industry dedicated to the safety and health in the work place. According to one nurse, an occupational health provider helps assess work environments and develop new policies that help to limit injury risks. In 2011, there were around 3 million injuries in the workplace across the United States. In Arizona, companies have a responsibility to develop workplace policies that can help to prevent an injury. Some of the more common injuries at work include tears, strains and sprains. An injury like that can lead to significant time off.

An injury on the job can be serious. From a simple leg injury to serious accidents, the pain and suffering can linger. Some individuals may face a long rehabilitation period where they need time to recover. Workers’ compensation can help individuals who are hurt receive compensation. Negligence on the part of an employer can lead to additional compensation to help pay for outpatient care, rehabilitation and other costs as they come up.

Occupation health is an important field to consider at a job. A safe working environment is something that all workers should be able to have, but unfortunately is not always the case. Workplace injury management can help employees get back to work after being injured.

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