Arizona holds three of the top 60 employer cities

On Behalf of | May 29, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Arizona has seen growth in its job prospects over the past decade. New jobs come in construction, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. With a new job comes new responsibility. A work accident can jeopardize the ability to work. In serious cases, it can lead to an accident that could have serious health repercussions. There are many opportunities in Arizona for jobs, but safety should be a priority for workers. Work accidents can lead to worse problems if not treated.

Wallet Hub named three Arizona cities in a new employment report. The report named the 60 best places for employment in the United States. Those included Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson at 9th, 14th and 54th, respectively. Wallet Hub analyzed the strongest job markets and addressed prospects for long-term financial security. They did this using 13 metrics including items stretching from cost of living to health benefits to job openings per capita.

With job openings come new responsibilities for workers. Even veterans can be involved in an accident. If an industrial accident happens, a worker who is hurt can be given workers’ compensation for his or her time away from the job. An investigation into the accident may reveal negligence by the employer, ranging from improper training to inadequate safety protocols. If negligence is established, there may be an opportunity for additional compensation.

Workers come to Arizona because there are jobs. From Phoenix to Mesa to Tucson, there are opportunities for those who want to earn a living. Providing for oneself or a family is hard if there is an injury on-site. Workers’ compensation can help pay for medical expenses and daily living expenses when someone is out of work because of an injury.

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