Arizona newspaper driver killed in crash off Loop 303

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

A professional driver has a certain degree of responsibility on the roads, but many professional drivers are pushed over the edge by exhausting schedules or improper training. An Arizona truck driver may have to make long treks on short sleep schedules. If a person is hurt or killed on the job, the victims themselves or the victims’ families may be entitled to compensation. Workers’ compensation can help in truck driving accidents by providing a driver or their families with extra support.

An Arizona newspaper deliveryman recently died as a result of injuries from an accident, where his delivery truck went off a highway in the western part of the state near Grand Avenue off Loop 303. The vehicle careened off 140 feet of guardrail. Some of the guardrail penetrated the vehicle and caused the driver to be severely cut on one leg. The man was taken to a Phoenix hospital where he later died. According to a spokesman from the Department of Public Safety, the deceased driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel, causing the accident.

Regardless of the cause of an accident, a driver who is hurt in a work accident may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In a case like this one where the accident was fatal, the victim’s family may also be entitled to compensation.

Arizona law protects those who suffer as a result of an accident on the job. Receiving workers’ compensation can involve a claims process, so it’s important to be familiar with the system. Most individuals who are hurt at work are covered, including illegal immigrants in Arizona. Being injured in a workplace accident can result in high bills, a long hospital stay and significant loss to mobility. In the event of a fatality, funeral costs and other damages can quickly add up for the victims’ families.

A work accident can be painful, but the process of receiving workers’ compensation does not have to be. A negligent employer who overworks employees could even increase compensation for someone hurt on the job. An employer can exhibit negligence through lackluster safety efforts, poor maintenance of company vehicles and poor training of its employees.

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