Arizona House votes on new workers’ safety bill

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Federal and state regulations for worker safety are meant to help reduce injuries. An accident at work leads to decreased productivity, an examination of working practices and sometimes a long stay in a hospital. Being injured on the job is difficult because of the hardships of recovering from an injury. A simple slip and fall or any work accident can have long-term implications. Regulations are in place to help workers stay safe but also allow them financial support if they are hurt in Arizona.

A new bill was approved via a voice vote that would put Arizona into compliance with federal standards for safety regulations. The U.S. Department of Labor told Arizona lawmakers last month that the current standards do not comply with those outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The specific concerns involved fall protection standards.

A ladder fall could lead to a significant accident if there are no safety guards in place. The current regulations in Arizona require a fall protection for any worker who is 15 feet or higher above the ground. The federal regulations call for the same protections at a height of 6 feet. If an Arizona worker is injured because of a fall or another work-related injury, they are entitled to compensation. Workers’ compensation can help pay for hospital visits, lost income or rehabilitation from a fall.

Standards of safety should be a priority for both workers and politicians. A significant injury or fall can change someone’s life forever. Symptoms can show up weeks or even months later. OSHA has guidelines to make sure employers have implemented the correct safety measures. Something as simple as a work harness malfunction or a tear in a net could cause significant damage. An employee should be covered if they are hurt.

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