Tucson truck crash leaves three injured

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

When Arizona residents are injured on the job they may be entitled to compensation. A professional driver or construction worker may find themselves transporting large quantities of supplies each week. An injury on the roads can be devastating to someone carrying a large load. When drivers are traveling at high speeds on the Arizona roadways a crash can be even deadlier. Truck driving accidents can lead to serious long-term injuries.

Three men were hurt in an accident involving a pickup truck and two cars on Interstate 10. A white work truck was loaded up with construction supplies and rolled into the median and then flipped over. The two passengers in the vehicle were seriously injured. One was taken by helicopter to a local hospital. The other was taken by ambulance. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating the crash.

A crash on the roads in a work vehicle can be very difficult, especially if it involves serious injuries. Finding a way to make a claim for workers’ compensation can become a top priority. If a company is negligent on safety protocol or procedures they may be liable for additional compensation. Employers are required to adhere to standards set forth by United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA helps to establish safety guidelines for Arizona.

Being seriously injured in a workplace accident can be very difficult for an Arizona worker and their family. Filing a claim can be an onerous process, but it is important to receive the compensation. If employer negligence is established, which can include improper vehicle care, the employer may have additional responsibility. The compensation recovered can pay for medical expenses, lost income and future rehabilitation.

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