Arizona car renter charged with loaning faulty cars

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

When someone is renting a car for work or business, that person is relying on a company to provide a safe vehicle. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is mechanical problems, inadequate safety measures or shoddy business practices. For those Arizona residents who are on the road traveling for work, an injury can be a serious concern. Being out of work is difficult, but there are options available for those who suffer from a workplace injury.

A rental car company had charges filed against it by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office after an investigation by local news station ABC 15. The company, Phoenix Car Rental, is alleged to have rented cars that were unclean and unsafe. Some customers have complained about bad brakes, transmission problems and electrical system failures. The Attorney General’s suit says that some customers were not warned about some possibly dangerous defects in their vehicles.

A car company has to adhere to a standard of responsibility for the cars it rents out. Those cars should be adequately clean and in solid mechanical condition. If someone is injured in an accident involving negligence, that person may be eligible for additional damages beyond insurance coverage. If an Arizona resident is injured while working, the worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation. An accident that leads to an on-the-job injury can be an opportunity to publicize certain safety hazards. A significant accident that leads to something serious, like a brain injury, can take a long time for recovery.

Workers’ compensation can help anyone who is injured on the job. This could mean traveling or conducting business on the road. Renting a car can be a large part of an employee’s work and it’s important that companies are safe about the cars that they put out.

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