Arizona man killed in World Ag Expo industrial accident

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents

Tragedy can strike at any time in industrial operations. When dealing with heavy equipment, an accident can take a deadly turn. Not only is it a horrible tragedy, but also it leaves families with many unanswered questions. In Arizona, an industrial accident can have financial repercussions for family members. Work accidents are unfortunate events that often occur, even with proper safeguards. If any employer was negligent in its duties to provide a standard of safety, they may be liable for additional damages.

An Arizona man recently died after being pulled under a trailer while setting up for The World Ag Expo in Fresno. Firefighters said that the man was standing on a John Deere tractor pulling a tractor when it made a quick turn or hit something that made the man fall off. Firefighters used forklifts to get the trailer off the man, but were unable to save him. Cal/OSHA has started an investigation. The man left behind a wife and two sons, ages 18 and 20.

When someone is injured or killed in an industrial accident, the first step for a family to take is to make sure that they are prepared for the future. Being familiar with Arizona laws is important, but so is understanding what can be done to help your finances after losing a significant income source. A wrongful death suit may be filed for a work accident that is caused by an employer’s negligence.

Families dealing with a sudden tragedy like the World Ag Expo accident have to cope with a variety of different issues. Finances should not be something that they should have to worry about, but, unfortunately, sometimes people don’t get the compensation they deserve. Proper compensation should help a family plan for the future.

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