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Arizona on guard after Omaha plant explosion

A plant explosion can leave a lot of questions for investigators. It also leaves questions for workers who were hurt in the accident. The pain-and-suffering of getting hurt on the job is something that no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, there are times when accidents lead to injuries. If an Arizona resident gets hurt at work, they should have an opportunity receive workers' compensation for medical costs, lengthy outpatient care and lost income.

In Omaha, Nebraska, a plant accident led to the deaths of two people and four people getting critically injured. Details included workers hearing an explosion and a fire breaking out at International Nutrition, an animal feed plant. At least six others were taken to the hospital in need of medical treatment. The cause of the industrial accident is under investigation. The second and third floors of the building collapsed due to the fire. Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration records show the company was cited for 35 OSHA violations in the last 40 years. OSHA investigators are looking into the cause of the current accident.

For Arizona residents, it's important to know that they may be entitled to workers' compensation if injured at work. A company may also be responsible for additional payment if they acted in a negligent manner. It's important to be informed of the latest Arizona laws for personal injury claims. One example of negligence could be ignoring OSHA violations. A family of someone who was killed in an industrial accident may file a wrongful death suit if they feel the company acted in a negligent manner.

Arizona companies have a responsibility to look at how other companies manage industrial accidents and their responsibilities in the process. If a worker is hurt on the job and it leads to a serious condition like a brain injury, it's possible to be compensated for that injury, to give everyone involved peace of mind.

Source: CNN, "Omaha plant fire claims 2 lives, 10 others injured," Steve Almasy and Carma Hassan, Jan. 21, 2014

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