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January 2014 Archives

Arizona on guard after Omaha plant explosion

A plant explosion can leave a lot of questions for investigators. It also leaves questions for workers who were hurt in the accident. The pain-and-suffering of getting hurt on the job is something that no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, there are times when accidents lead to injuries. If an Arizona resident gets hurt at work, they should have an opportunity receive workers' compensation for medical costs, lengthy outpatient care and lost income.

Arizona company receives safety award

Many workplaces say they are committed to safety, but don't take the necessary precautions to actually ensure safety for their employees. An unsafe work environment can have a devastating impact on your life. When a company doesn't adhere to proper safety protocols, workers can be injured by factory accidents, unhealthy environments and careless practices.

Construction begins on three Arizona bridges on I-15

Residents of Arizona have been spared some of the cold weather crossing across wide swaths of the United States recently. Large construction projects are starting up, which will hopefully lead to better infrastructure and provide jobs for workers. Such infrastructure projects can be very large efforts requiring many people and machinery. Do to this, it is possible that some sites may experience construction accidents. Some of these accidents may lead to injuries, and those injured could be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses.

OSHA seeks to expand recording of workplace accidents

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets safety standards in order to try to reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses, and OSHA is generally in charge of protecting Arizona workers from unsafe workplaces. As part of OSHA's efforts, employers are required to keep records about incidents of occupational injuries and illnesses among their employees.

Amazon factory accident kills worker

After getting hurt in an on-the-job injury, it may take time and effort to wade through the legal process of recovering damages. For Arizona residents, part of this process could mean filing for workers' compensation. A work accident, especially in industrial jobs that involve heavy equipment, can be very serious. It can mean a lengthy hospital stay, loss of income and additional financial burdens for a family. In extreme cases, a worker may be killed while on the job. Work accidents can happen at any time and people should be compensated for the injury.

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